A letter from our Founder and Creative Director: Jade Sarita Arnott

A letter from our Founder and Creative Director: Jade Sarita Arnott


Jade wears the Alessandra Trench in Twilight Navy photographed in the Arnsdorf Atelier by Andy Hatton

The beginnings of a new season, in this case spring here in Australia, and the new season of a collection or edition, brings forth new energy, evokes feelings of the excitement of new possibilities and that of renewal and regeneration. 

Spring signals growth in nature and reminds us of the seasons of our own lives, how they build upon the last and reach for the new unfolding. The Magnolia trees are blooming along with the cherry blossoms, offering their beauty up to us as the winter starts to fall away.

Similarly, the new Edition 2, 2023 collection is beginning to emerge, and pieces will continue to be delivered in the coming weeks. Edition 2, is a contemplation of interior spaces and the outside world and how they relate to one's own private interior world. Questions of what is revealed and what is concealed play out in the garments, many of which can be adjusted to suit one's mood. The exploration of harmony and balance in design also carries through this collection.

My intention is always to design pieces that will enhance your life, that will make your life better just by wearing them or having them in your wardrobe. To me it is a conversation we have with one another, the conscious creation of garments and then the lived experience of them in your lives.

I love the idea of sharing this dialogue and my imaginings of the important or everyday moments these pieces will see you through. Being able to wear the clothes myself allows me to feel connected to all of you too. I’d like you to know I appreciate this relationship we have and the part you play in Arnsdorf.

Jade wears the Emmanuel Jacket and Suit Trouserboth in Wool Cashmere photographed in the Arnsdorf Atelier by Andy Hatton


When we consciously and deliberately choose quality and thoughtfulness in the things we seek out in one area of our lives, there is an overflow of this energy and vibration of quality in other areas of our lives. What we focus on and actively choose, is then attracted to us and we experience it all around, whether that is in our relationships, spaces we inhabit, our work or any other area of our lives. When you align your style and values into how you present yourself to the world, it’s a very powerful thing. If we feel joy when we reach for a piece of clothing in our wardrobe, we carry this feeling with us and allow more of it to flow from all directions, like is attracted to itself.

Wishing you all the best for this new season of your life. 

All my love,

October 03, 2023

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