Arnsdorf Receives Full Accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia

Arnsdorf Receives Full Accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia

We are extremely proud to announce that Arnsdorf has been formally accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA)! After a rigorous, yearlong process, Arnsdorf has been recognised for its dedication to ensuring that its supply chain is working in safe conditions and workers are being paid appropriately and receiving all legal entitlements.

ECA National Manager Angela Bell believes Arnsdorf’s accreditation is a significant step towards transparency and sustainability in Australia.

“As one of the leading forces reshaping the Australian fashion industry – from design, to manufacture, retail and repairs – Arnsdorf’s contribution to the ECA community will be significant.” Ms Bell said.

The Ethical Clothing Australia certification program rigorously maps and audits each member’s supply chain throughout the entire cut, make and trim process as well as any value adding process. The program provides assistance to ensure that supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant. There are currently only 48 fashion brands who have been certified in Australia.

Since launching in 2017, Arnsdorf has been a pioneer in the ethical and transparent fashion landscape in Australia. It is one of the few leading brands to manufacture onshore in its own factory and provide transparent pricing across its entire product range.

“This accreditation allows our customers to see that ethical and sustainable fashion is possible at a larger scale,” says Arnsdorf’s production manager Gemma Cahill.

“The relationships we have between our machinists, pattern makers, cutters and every member in between is face to face and one that is valued and respected."

To find out more about Ethical Clothing Australia and their certification head to their website.

December 06, 2018 — Olivia McCrimmon

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