Arnsdorf Women: Sissy Chacon

Arnsdorf Women: Sissy Chacon

Sissy Chacon is a Los Angeles based stylist who has a striking eye for curating alluring outfits. She also operates Newsletter, The Sort 

We spoke with Sissy about the importance of wearing garments that feel good on, her perfect day in LA, and what books and movies she’s recently enjoyed.

Sissy wears the Hydra Shirt in Black Linen and Genevieve Skirt in Beige.

Q. What inspires your style?

A. The desire to feel comfortable, attractive and to celebrate interesting and beautiful clothes. 


Q. When did you start to feel your own personal sense of style anchor in yourself? 

A. I didn’t feel my personal style begin to anchor until my late 30’s - early 40’s. I still get a bit lost at sea sometimes, probably because I love clothes so much and I like to try new things. But if I had to go back to a more uniform and honed in style, I could. I would definitely have fomo but there could also be a sense of relief in having fewer options.  In fact, lately I’ve returned to more monochromatic cream clothing after tiring of that look for a while. I’ve been wearing a couple more cozy looks on repeat lately. It feels nice to not over think what I am going to wear. 


Sissy wears Black Tank and Storm coloured satin pants.
 Sissy wears the Roberta Tank in Black and the Hydra Pant in Storm.


Q. What are you drawn to in a garment?

A. I like a garment that feels good to wear - the way it drapes on my body, or the way it hugs my body, the way the fabric feels against my skin. I like pieces that stand on their own and don’t require a lot of fuss or accessorizing . I have enough on my mind. 


Sissy stands on a white, plush couch with hand behind her back. She's wearing a tight white tank top and cream full length column skirt.

Sissy wears the Roberta Tank in White


Q. What does your perfect day in LA look like?

A. Waking up to a gorgeous sunrise. Coffee with my husband. Moving my body in the way it is asking to be moved, either stretching, toning, resistance training, dancing, jumping, or walking. Journaling and reading. Getting dressed in something I love. Going out for lunch and a sweet. Making dinner at home. Being in bed early. 


Sissy is crouched over a coffee table, solving a puzzle. She wears a tight white tank top.

Sissy wears the Roberta Tank in White


Q. What are you reading at the moment?

A. I tend to read several books concurrently. I toggle between a paper book and 3 audio books throughout the week. Currently it’s Tai Pei by Tao Lin, Slut Ever by Karley Sciortino and Bending Reality by Victoria Song. I just finished Artless by Natasha Stagg and I am about to crack open her previous book, Sleeves


Sissy wears the Hydra Shirt in Black Linen and Genevieve Skirt in Beige.


Q. Tell us about an exhibition, movie or artwork you saw recently that moved you?   

A. I loved the film Poor Things. The cast, performances, costumes, and sets were absolutely incredible. Most of all, I love a Pygmalion /  Pinocchio theme. Especially around Christmas time. I think that the theme of finding redemption and elevation and self improvement through being open, curious, disciplined, empathetic, and non-judgmental make you a better person and help you serve the world and humankind in the best way possible.

 Follow Sissy on Instagram @sissychacon  and subscribe to her newsletter The Sort.

January 18, 2024

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