Arnsdorf x Well Made Clothes

Arnsdorf x Well Made Clothes

We are thrilled to announce that Arnsdorf is now available at Well Made Clothes! Well Made Clothes is a leading voice and platform for championing sustainable and ethical fashion. The online marketplace stocks clothing from a range of well-considered designers, where each must meet the requirements of at least one of the following values; local, handcrafted, transparent, gender equality, fair, vegan, minimal waste or sustainable. We are proud to meet 5 of their values.

The platform encourages informed decision-making and makes it easy for their customers to trust the brands they’re purchasing from. The team of women at Well Made Clothes ensures that their customers have peace of mind when making purchases and aims to educate and inform them throughout the shopping process. The designers featured on Well Made Clothes ‘minimises harm, empowers individuals and sustains communities.’

“Our philosophies of transparency, sustainability and ethical manufacture align, and like Arnsdorf, the Well Made Clothes website is a place for resources, conversation, knowledge and education around these issues.” Jade Sarita Arnott.

We all play a vital role in this movement and partnering with Well Made Clothes allows us to reach a larger audience and support each other throughout this exciting and crucial time in the retail industry.

Read the full interview with Arnsdorf founder and designer, Jade Sarita Arnott on Well Made Clothes here.

January 24, 2019

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