Enough With The Rubbish

Enough With The Rubbish

With the momentum of the climate strike still behind us, the Arnsdorf team has been inspired to go waste free. While we don’t anticipate this to be the easiest of tasks, we’re excited for the challenge. As a business and as individuals, we want to be and do our best for this planet.

With today’s turn of the calendar, our team has committed to limiting all waste. Relying on our compost and recycling, we’ll leave our 12 litre studio rubbish bin untouched for the next 30 days. Currently being emptied at a rate of about once a week, our goal is to maintain the longer life of each bin far beyond this monthly challenge.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and while we’re not thoroughly convinced of this statistic (could it really be that easy?), we’ll check in with the status of our challenge — inclusive of team morale and the state of our rubbish bin — on day 21.

Follow along on the trials and tribulations of our journey or participate in the challenge for yourself. Whether you try to go waste free like us or introduce a compost or reusable coffee mug into your routine, all changes small or big are important. Here's to making this month a good one. 

October 01, 2019

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