From Woodchips to Wardrobe: Tencel 101

From Woodchips to Wardrobe: Tencel 101

Alongside the green gingham, crisp ivory, ruffles, and ruching, our SS20 collection features a few wonderful fabrics, one of which is Tencel. It doesn’t get the same fanfare as linen or the adoration of silk, but it’s a pretty incredible fibre which has won a place in our hearts and wardrobes. 

Tencel™ is a textile brand within Lenzing Group and refers to various types of lyocell or modal materials produced by the company. Based in Lenzing, Austria, the Lenzing Group has roots that trace back to 1892. Originally a site of pulp and paper manufacture, after WWII, the facilities were focused on viscose and fibre production. Over the past 80 years, Lenzing Group has been a source of innovation within the textile industry.

The Tencel we know and use today came to life throughout the 1990s. There are two materials produced under the Tencel brand at Lenzing, lyocell and modal. We use Tencel Lyocell because it skips the multi-stage chemical dissolving process that it’s semi-synthetic cousin undergoes. 

Tencel Lyocell is an eco-friendly cellulose fibre made from eucalyptus wood pulp. Raw materials are sourced from sustainable forestry then dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent. Lenzing manufactures these fibres on a closed loop system without chemical derivatisation, with virtually no waste, they recover and recycle the solvent back into the production process. The processed fibres are then formed into threads, yarn is spun and fabrics are woven.

We don’t only love Tencel for its minimal environmental footprint, but also for its physical properties. It’s stronger and more durable than both cotton and linen. Not only made to last, Tencel has a naturally soft and smooth feel, making it easy and comfortable to wear. 

We believe you should feel good in what you wear and know where it came from, which is why we produce in-house at our Melbourne studio and use fabrics like Tencel Lyocell. 

Explore a few of our SS20 Tencel pieces: the Ina Dress, the Blythe Dress, and the Molly Collection (coming soon). 

October 15, 2019

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