Open Factory Tour

Open Factory Tour


In partnership with VAMFF’s Ideas Program, we’re opening our doors in Collingwood and welcoming you into our factory.

One of the things that we believe makes Arnsdorf so special is the locality of our team and production. Nearly everything is made in-house, few things that require special machinery — like belts and denim — are outsourced to other Melbourne factories. Considering those exceptions, everything is designed, cut, sewn, stored, shipped and photographed under the same roof. A bustling space of creation, all members of our team are involved in the Arnsdorf final product.

It’s this opportunity to peek behind the scenes and see where all of our garments are made that we are so excited to share. Come meet our founder and Creative Director, Jade Sarita Arnott, and Production Manager, Gemma Cahill, to take a walk through our space and catch a glimpse into the Arnsdorf process. Tickets are available here. We hope to see you there!


Saturday March 14th, from 11AM to 12PM


Arnsdorf Studio

18-20 Dight Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066




February 05, 2020

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