Supporting the establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Supporting the establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Here at Arnsdorf, we belong to a community of strong women. We are committed to empowering everyone in our circle to take actions and make decisions that drive long-lasting change in the fashion industry but also in our wider communities, our country and our world.

We are an organisation based on values of transparency, sustainability and ethics. Our ethos is about empowerment of all women and people in our community and at every stage of the creation and manufacturing process as well as the women who wear our clothes. Our philosophy has always been that, We believe clothing can be transformative, if each person in the process of its creation is empowered and respected. We feel the same way about representation in parliament. 

We stand for the appreciation of the value each individual makes to the contribution of the whole. We believe in this energy and importance of all voices and perspectives being heard in our larger community, the country we live in too. That is why we support a Voice for Indigenous Australians in parliament. 

Voting "Yes" to the voice referendum in Australia signifies support for a more inclusive and representative democracy. It acknowledges the need for Indigenous Australians to have a direct say in decisions that affect their lives, culture, and rights. This referendum promotes reconciliation and bridges historical gaps by recognising the unique perspectives and insights of our Indigenous communities. By endorsing the voice, we move towards a fairer, more harmonious future for all Australians that benefits all.

August 25, 2023

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