The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter

Edition 02, 2023 is the final chapter and conclusion of the Arnsdorf collections.

What I love about fashion is that it’s about new ideas, about always moving forward. It's about new ways of being and the constant creative pursuit of an evolution of oneself. Personally, I feel like there is still so much to do, explore, and experience for me to live fully aligned with my highest potential. My energy is being directed to other places and it’s time to make space in my life for this.

I want to say thank you for believing in the vision of Arnsdorf and for supporting me on this truly incredible journey over the past two decades. I’m so proud of all that we have achieved together and honoured that the archive of the garments will live on through you. 

April 9th will be the last day and the final farewell.

With much love and movement forward,

March 20, 2024

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