Here at Arnsdorf...

We’re a modern womenswear brand, based on a foundation of transparency, ethical manufacturing and sustainability. Our garments are designed, cut, sewn and finished in our own in-house factory in Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia. We’ve set out to create an environment that facilitates transparency, understanding and respect for the people who make our clothes and execute our vision. We’ve built our own Ethical Clothing Australia accredited factory in Collingwood, Melbourne. We create almost everything in-house, from design to production so we can ensure we can create products that are always of exceptional quality, ethically sound and always transparent. And we’re committed to transparency, that’s why when you browse our products, you can always know where they were made, the people who made them and at what cost.

The brand relaunched in 2017 and has a number of established sales channels, including its own boutique in Melbourne, an online store and sales partnerships with Well Made Clothes, the Iconic and David Jones. 

Job Description


Then there’s you...

You care about the impact that you have on the planet. You understand that the only way we can make change in the fashion industry is by making change in your everyday life and seeking out that same change through your work. You’re an experienced production manager and you’ve earnt that experience through being hands on in the production of high quality womenswear garments in a range of scenarios, large and small, with a minimum of 5 years. You’ve worked in small teams before and enjoy being able to oversee a broad scope of work and helping it to connect with retail, design and distribution. You know a lot about the type of systems, processes and techniques required to make a brand profitable: you’ve done it before and you’d like to do it again. Most importantly you know how to work with people and get the most out of your colleagues: managing in-house machinists, cutters, working with suppliers and contractors. 

You could be if...

The Production Manager is responsible for the production of all womenswear for the brand from the  Arnsdorf warehouse and other locations where required. In this role, you work with machinists, cutters and other manufactures to produce high quality products for the company. You lead the production planning process, ensuring that products are ready to be delivered into store and for wholesale accounts at the right time. It’s a small, passionate team, which means you are hands on with the entire process. 

The role works to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Products are produced at a high quality, free from error or defect to a high level

  • Produce and maintain a production schedule and keep to that schedule

  • Operate a production budget that meets financial targets

  • A well maintained roster of all production staff who consistently produce quality products

  • The delivery of weekly, monthly and quarterly reports 

  • A motivated and productive staff base

You’ll perform duties that include:

  • Consulting with the brand’s creative director on product feedback and development throughout the product life-cycle

  • Work with the pattern maker to resolve technical and production related issues

  • Schedule and attend fittings with the team where required

  • Assist with creative director in realising the design outcomes of each season where required

  • Assist the brand’s creative director with identifying new products for development

  • Maintaining relationships with suppliers, including sourcing trims and fabrics for each range

  • Maintenance of equipment, well-being and safety in the factory

  • Performance management of staff

If you worked at Arnsdorf last week you would have…

  • Attended the weekly company stand-up and provided a WIP on styles coming out of the factory for the coming week

  • Worked with our creative director to help map out the production schedule required to get sampling completed for the next season

  • Spoke with our pattern maker to provide feedback around the recent fitting of our tailored trousers

  • Helped dispatch new styles to the retail manager so they could enter the store and answered a product question on Slack, our communication tool between store and factory

  • Drawn a purchase order for our fabric manufacturer in Japan

  • Performed a stocktake on fabrics 

  • Helped one of our machinists with an issues with one of our styles

  • Worked to find a machinist to cover for one of our team members who needed to take leave

Additional Information

To be considered for this role, please provide your full resume, along with a cover letter describing:

  1. Your motivation for the role

  2. Where you’d like to take the role, if you were successful

Note that we are willing to look at part-time options for this role, depending on the candidate.


March 31, 2021

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