Behind the Seams

Behind the Seams


Arnsdorf is changing the way that fashion is produced and worn. We make everything in-house except for our denim, which is made at a local woman-led factory that we have been working with since the early days of Arnsdorf. We outline the cost of every element of each piece of clothing, so you can see exactly where your money is going. 

Making in-house allows us to provide great working conditions for our makers, and has the advantage of giving us the chance to make to your measurements, offer free alterations and repairs. We are committed to extending the life of your clothes so that they stay out of landfill. The first step towards this is making clothes that you love and wear - a lot! A great fit, high quality fabrics and adaptable designs lead this process. But once your clothes have been well worn, we want to ensure that you can keep wearing them as long as possible, so we also offer free repairs to your Arnsdorf garments. 

In store, we offer complimentary fittings and styling sessions, so please book here or get in touch at


February 21, 2018

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