Our approach

Style | noun

1. a particular procedure by which something is done.

2. a distinctive manner of expression.

The style of our garments and the style of our approach are two sides of the same coin. 

With every garment we create we intend to embody the considered nature of our materials and manufacturing, as well as the timeless elegance of modern womanhood. 

We want wearers to feel empowered to lead purposeful and stylish lives that are in harmony with the planet. 

Our processes

We source fabrics and fibres based on their environmental and human impact.  We seek out organic natural fabrics and recycled alternatives that can be recycled over again or broken down and returned to the earth once they're done.

We’re also committed to circularity in garment production. This means we keep products in circulation for as long as possible and then use the raw materials in the used products to make something new. 

We are continually looking for new and progressive ways to be innovative in how we create garments, such as investing in new technology and systems that can extend the garment lifecycle.

Our products

We don’t hold excessive amounts of inventory. We have a permanent collection accompanied by limited edition seasonal collections which we cut in very limited numbers.

We do this because we believe well-made, well-designed considered clothing is timeless. And it's our intention for our garments to retain their value so that you can have a long-term relationship with them, rather than just a short fling.

We also offer lifetime repairs on our items to keep them in circulation in your wardrobes for as long as possible, as well a complimentary alteration service for customers who visit us at our Melbourne store.

Our certifications and awards

In 2018 we became an Ethical Clothing Australia certified label. 

In 2019 we were the first leading fashion label in Australia to achieve a B Corp Certification and we were winners of the first National Designer Award for Sustainability.