Our history

Arnsdorf was founded in 2006 by Jade Sarita Arnott and quickly established a following across Australia, North American and Europe.

Confronted with growing concerns about the lack of sustainability and ethical production practices in the fashion industry, Jade decided to close Arnsdorf in 2012 to focus on other creative practices.

In 2016 Jade relaunched Arnsdorf with a new vision. A brand beyond seasons, focusing on limited edition releases and a core permanent collection. Arnsdorf 2.0 centres on a harmony between a sustainable business model and timeless garments that can be worn for seasons to come.

Since then, we've established a studio, atelier and a boutique store in Melbourne. Both locations are home to a team of empowered creators and thinkers. Together we've worked hard to bring almost everything in-house, from design to production. We do this so that we can be in control of the clothes we craft and ensure they're always ethically made and of exceptional quality.