Gaze Outside Someone Else's Window for a Change

Gaze Outside Someone Else's Window for a Change

(main photo: Jerri wears the Matilda Dress with the Merino Funnel Neck Skivvy in Seafoam)

Looking out Maine's window in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

We may not be able to travel at the moment but that doesn't stop us dreaming about what it's like to be somewhere else in the world.  Window Swap have created an amazing platform where you can gaze out of someone else's window for 10 minutes. If you get bored, you can move on to another window. One minute you're in Buenos Aires, the next you're in St Petersburg and the next you're in New York. You can submit your own window view by video on the app. It's mostly quite peaceful and you can find yourself drawing narratives from each window scene. Take a trip from your lounge chair here.  


We've reached out to women in the Arnsdorf community to reveal their personal tips for staying healthy, sane and engaged during this interesting time...

Beth Wilkinson photographed in her studio by Heather Lighton, wears the Organic Fitted Rib Tee


What is your name and and what do you do?

My name is Beth Wilkinson and I am the founder, editor and creative director of Lindsay, an independent magazine that celebrates different places around the world.

I also have my own creative practice, Oak Park Studio, where I work on branding, custom publishing, photography and web-based projects for clients internationally.

Are you still working from home or are you back at it?

My studio is at home anyway, so not a lot has changed for me in that respect.
I certainly miss catching up with collaborators in real life though.


What is your connection to Arnsdorf? 

I know Jade through the magazine and I also have some special Arnsdorf pieces in my wardrobe.

What are you doing to stay active?
Pretty much as soon as I see the sun is out, I pop out to the Fitzroy Gardens for a run. 
Such a good way to get some sun, break up a day behind the computer and spark creativity. 
I also have a yoga practice that I do from home.

Are you reading a great book or do you have a favourite podcast?
I am reading Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. It's short and simple but a really touching story. 

I have also been listening to a lot of the conversations around consciousness and happiness in the Waking Up app, which I also highly recommend for anyone who is using this COVID time as a moment for reflection on our place in the world.

Beth speaking at ModMag NYC wears the Blanca Blouse 

What about food. Are you cooking or are you addicted to a particular snack at the moment?
We've been making a lot of handmade pasta from the Ostro cookbook.
And I have been making my way through Copenhagen-based chef Frederik Bille Brahe's cookbook that was recently published by Apartamento.
The blueberry jam and ricotta on toast, and the risi e bisi, are favourites so far.

Are you motivated to 'dress' for the day or are you repeating outfits? What are your go-to pieces?
I definitely repeat outfits! My mum recently made me some cord pants which are extra soft and cosy and have been a winter staple, but otherwise I'll usually just wear some jeans and a sweater.

Beth (centre) at ModMag NYC  wears the Blanca Blouse

Have you been pleasantly surprised by engaging in something you normally wouldn't?
It's been an important time for reflection and learning. You have to simultaneously be agile but also patient. I have certainly noticed my desire to engage in creative projects as a way to remain positive.
In the first lockdown, I made an online film catalogue called Very Good Films. The motivation was mostly about wanting to create a resource for people during this time, but then it quickly became just a really wonderful reason to watch new films, which is actually a really great way to remain connected in these times.
And in this most recent lockdown, I created this communal spreadsheet where anyone can share ideas about how we can all take care of ourselves and stay inspired during this time. When the new restrictions came in, I certainly noticed the weight of it all and I figured I wasn't alone. It's been really nice watching people add to it and respond to it. And as part of that desire to give people opportunities for connection, I have launched Lindsay's first online event series, which will all take place through Instagram Live. Some really wonderful people from our community have come together and will run a range of live events for children and adults.

What are your film recommendations at the moment? 
Here are my top 20 picks that are currently streaming in Australia:

  1. A Single Man (Stan + Lido At Home)
  2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Lido At Home)
  3. Dancer in the Dark (Kanopy)
  4. Carol (SBS On Demand + Kanopy)
  5. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (SBS On Demand + Stan)
  6. The Great Beauty (Kanopy + Lido At Home)
  7. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda (Kanopy + Lido At Home)
  8. Victoria (Kanopy)
  9. Mustang (SBS On Demand + Kanopy)
  10. Frances Ha (SBS On Demand + Kanopy)
  11. I Am Not Your Negro (Stan + Kanopy)
  12. Paris, Texas (Kanopy)
  13. I Am Love (SBS On Demand)
  14. Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addice (Lido At Home)
  15. Cold War (SBS On Demand + Kanopy)
  16. An Education (SBS On Demand)
  17. Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (Stan)
  18. Cutie and the Boxer (Kanopy)
  19. Boogie Nights (Netflix)
  20. Annie Hall (Stan)

Stay well from all of us at Arnsdorf X

September 16, 2020

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