Join us to Stitch Something with Feeling

Join us to Stitch Something with Feeling

(Main photo: Sew Her Name embroidery by Kate Sekules from #visiblemend) 


There was a time when a sewing kit was a part of everyone's household. Simple repair jobs like sewing on buttons or mending holes in socks were a way of everyday life. Patching up your torn jeans with interesting patches or adding patches to the elbows of your jacket or sweater to keep them in use were routine maintenance. When did we become the culture that disposes and replaces rather than repairs and cherishes?

An embroidered rose by Kate Sekules gives this stained Comme des Garcons dress a new life

An old jumper saved by Kate Sekules with some creative patches and embroidery

Kate Sekules is part of a new wave that are very keen to turn things around. A long time fan of recycling and renewing, she started a community site and instagram called Visible Mendingwhich encourages these very notions. Kate shows you how to embrace your mending with artistry and gusto. Don't be afraid to hide your creativity and don't be concerned if it's not perfect. It's part of the fun.

Kate has recently released a book called Mend: A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto, a guide to the art, history and politics of mending with practical tips and techniques on how to successfully mend. The book published by Penguin is available at Readings here

We have been so moved by Kate's Sew Her Name project where she started mending an old linen dress by embroidering the names of black women who have been killed by the police. It started as a tribute to Breonna Taylor but sadly the list of names is long. It's a peaceful protest with heart and soul. 

Sew Her Name embroidery by Kate Sekules from #visiblemend 

Ethical Clothing Australia are celebrating their 20th year and as Arnsdorf are proudly ECA Certified please join us in showing some special love to a piece of your clothing.

Inspired by #visiblemend we'd love you to STITCH SOMETHING WITH FEELING. Take any piece of clothing at home that needs mending and stitch some word/s that mean something to you. It doesn't have to be perfect - it's more about the process and the meaning.  We would love you to share these with us on instagram so please tag us #arnsdorf and #ethicalclothingaustralia. We look forward to see your images and sharing some images with you too.  

Stay well from all of us at Arnsdorf X

October 08, 2020

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