Karinda styles Thelma Plum and Lets Loose to Beauty and the Beats

Karinda styles Thelma Plum and Lets Loose to Beauty and the Beats

Ella McCabe Barton wears the Ivy Dress with the Sonia Sandal in Seafoam by Nelson Made. Styled by Simone McIvor and photographed by Elena Breuer


Back in stock!

You asked and our wonderful cutter and machinists hopped to it and answered your call.

​Our Merino Rib Funnel Neck Skivvy in Black Combo is currently back in stock in all sizes here.


We make each piece in our Ethical Clothing Australia certified factory located in Melbourne. Each garment is sewn by one of our incredible machinists that have over 20 years industry experience. 


We've reached out to women in the Arnsdorf community to reveal their personal tips for staying healthy, sane and engaged during this interesting time...

Karinda wears the Inez Shirt and the Tailored Shorts in Tan Stripe


What is your name and and what do you do?

My name is Karinda Mutabazi and I'm a Stylist and Creative Director.


What is your connection to Arnsdorf? 

I am an adoring fan first and foremost! I also have the pleasure of dressing and introducing clients to Arnsdorf for photoshoots, film clips and events. I am fortunate enough to have become acquainted with many of the Arnsdorf team over the years, which is an absolute delight. It is a rare privilege to get to know the people who make and design your clothing. It makes wearing the garments more special.


Karinda photographed by Katie Fergus for VAMFF Streetstyle in the Benedict Blazer and the Pleated Trousers in Purple Gingham.

Are you still working from home or are you back at it?

I am mostly working from home at the moment, although I don’t find this to be so bad. I have a home office anyway, so would be working from here usually (unless I am sourcing or on location). I do feel luck to have dedicated space already set up though.

I have actually used the time at home to clean and sort my office.  It has been on my to-do list for ages!  Got to take the wins where you can.

Karinda wears the Caroline Jacket in Plaid , the Inez Shirt in Tan Stripe and the Calder Jeans in Indigo


What are you doing to stay active?

I live near a range of walking trails, so I have been exploring my local area which has been really nice. 

All of my Pilates and Yoga classes are now online, which is perfect for me because of my random and ever-changing schedule. It makes it so much easier for me to actually get to a class, and as a result I have been exercising more than usual.

I have also been doing afro beats dance classes run by my friend and all round awesome human, Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. The class is online and it's called ‘Booty and The Beats’. It's great music and excellent moves. It's been a fun way to keep fit and challenge myself to learn choreography. 

Are you reading a great book or do you have a favourite podcast? 

This is the first time in a long time I have read a book. I loved ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman. 

I am on the last few chapters of Emma Cline’s ‘The Girls’ which is loosely inspired by the Manson Family story. Strangely enough just as I started reading ‘The Girls’ a friend recommended the Joe Rogan interview with Tom O’Neil.  He is a journalist who delved into the Manson story after the fact. I have never really had any interest in Manson before but both the podcast and the book have been fascinating. 

I just listened to the audiobook of Emma Gannon’s ‘The Multi-Hyphen Life’ and I found it affirming and inspiring. I would highly recommend it if you are a freelancer or someone wanting to start a side hustle. 

A few of my favourite podcasts are: CtrlAltDel, 99%Invisible, Wardrobe Crisis, SongExploder, Adam Buxton and TightFortyFive which is a new one my brother-in-law has started where he is chatting with musicians and creatives in Melbourne.


What about food. Are you cooking or are you addicted to a particular snack at the moment?

I have discovered an amazing carrot cake recipe which has been on heavy rotation. It’s from ‘The Beauty Chef’ Cookbook by Clara Oates.  A friend sent the recipe as a request to bring to our first post-iso dinner. It’s a healthy one that is also actually delicious.

I have an addiction to Harvest Snaps Pea Chips, the original flavour - they are so moreish, and because they are made of peas they are good for you….Right?


Are you motivated to 'dress' for the day or are you repeating outfits? What are your go-to pieces?

I love changing up options, and always dress according to my mood on the day. If I am just going for a walk or to the supermarket I try to wear something I feel good in.  

I have to say, my Arnsdorf Merino Rib Funnel Neck has been on heavy rotation as a layering piece since the cold weather kicked in. My partner always refers to me as “Theranos” (referring to Elizabeth Holmes - The Dropout Podcast) whenever I put it on. If a black turtle neck works for Steve Jobs…..



Thelma Plum styled by Karinda Mutabazi  backstage on her Better in Blak album tour,  wears the Pearl Top and the Palazzo Pant in Black Velvet.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by engaging in something you normally wouldn't?

I’ve been learning how to use Quickbooks, which I have found surprisingly satisfying. I never thought in a million years that I would gain any joy from doing anything numbers related. 

What songs are you feeling right now?

Some of these artists I have had the pleasure of working with and others I admire from afar. 


Stay well from all of us at Arnsdorf X

July 24, 2020

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