Motherhood Musings: Stephanie Carta

Motherhood Musings: Stephanie Carta

As Mother's Day approaches, we spoke with the inspiring Stephanie Carta: mother of two, energy healer, model and entrepreneur living in the beautiful Hinterlands of Byron Bay, on all things Motherhood. 


Stephanie wears the Paloma Turtleneck Sweater
Image Credits: Stephanie Carta and Isabel Sasse


Q. How do you begin your mornings?

A. Lately (and for the first time since becoming a mother actually) I have been rising just before the sun, making myself a hot lemon and ginger water and commencing an hour Sadhana meditation practise. My children take turns to wake and join me for this a lot of the time. Then I commence the kitchen run where it’s usually making three different breakfasts. If I need more rest then the morning begins by waking with my children and straight to the kitchen.


Image Credits: Stephanie Carta and Isabel Sasse


Q. How do you maintain your sense of self while being a dedicated mother?

A. This is a great question because I truly believe it’s important for our psyche and spirit. One of the priorities in that pursuit truly is self care to any degree. I was severely sleep deprived for years so even to get to a functional state was a first achievement. Finding connection in any form to what brings your soul alive. For example, I felt really great after becoming a mother when i eventually realised my love for metaphysics and energy healing. So pursuing further learnings and practise in these realms in any moment possible really opened up some doorways that made me feel connected to a huge part of my own souls calling. Sometimes maintaining my sense of self can even be dancing wildly to activating tunes, getting some sunshine, connecting with a good friend, or opening up those channels of creativity and self expression.


Image Credits: Stephanie Carta and Isabel Sasse


Q. What’s your favourite part about being a mother?

A. Creating special memories with my children. Seeing them grow into their own gifts and personalities. Giving them nourishment and love and encouragement to shine. Being their rock when things feel challenging, this is the chance to practise as a mother staying grounded for them too. Celebrating achievements with them. Also knowing that I am contributing to the positive evolution for humanity through endeavouring to raise my children with good values and knowledge. Usually in the most simple ways with the resources that surround us and from within. It all starts in the home. All the work I do for them, along with the self-work is my intention to help create new pathways our little New Earth leaders to come. 


Image Credits: Stephanie Carta and Isabel Sasse


Q. What has been the most unexpected thing you have found about becoming a mother?

A. I never expected to be a single mother of two children with two different fathers. Or that they would have the same birthday. 

I also never expected to be facing and conquering some of my biggest fears associated with those dynamics. There are many things that only being a mother you can relate to in protection and care for your children, also the importance and all encompassment of this job. Through this, I never expected to become the most empowered I have felt in my life.

The self-sacrifice that is spoken of is very real and also the ways in which they are little teachers never ceases to amaze me.

Becoming a mother flipped my whole life on itself and continually pushes me past many thresholds that I never knew could exist. It took me from living and working in the biggest cities in the world, to planting my feet deep in the ground to create a home for them amongst nature. Simultaneously, the love that comes with becoming a mother is a different kind of love that absolutely nothing can compare to. I’m also constantly blown away by the individual intelligence and compassion of both of my children.


May 17, 2023

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