Reborn: the story behind the relaunch of Arnsdorf

Reborn: the story behind the relaunch of Arnsdorf

As an Australian and New York-based brand we had been operating through the traditional fashion lifecycle and although our love for clothing and design remained true, we felt a growing sense of uneasiness around the way the fashion industry was set up. The lack of transparency; the outsourcing of production and ethics; the alienation of women; the environmental trauma and never ending oversupply and waste. It all seemed rigged and unavoidable. We put the label on hold in 2012.

Then in 2016 we started to envision another way to work and this formed the foundation of a new approach to women’s fashion, with a new set of standards. Welcome to Arnsdorf.

We’ve eschewed traditional wholesaling and retail to create new ways of connecting directly with women. This means we can deliver clothing at a reasonable price without the hyper-inflated markups. We’ve also done away with traditional seasons and the prolonged cycles of waste that follow.

We now release well considered collections in what we creatively call “releases”, which are unveiled every 8-10 weeks.

We don’t hold excessive amounts of inventory and we never go on sale. We believe in creating a new form of long tail for fashion. For those who like precision, we have a showroom in Melbourne and host trunk shows in every city in Australia as well as LA and New York. We take the time to take your measurements and get to know you and the wardrobe you are building. Register your details and join the waiting list here.

We’ve set out to create an environment that facilitates transparency, understanding and respect for the people who make our clothes and execute our vision. We’ve built our own factory in Collingwood, Melbourne. We’ve taken almost everything in-house, from design to production so we can ensure we can get products to you that are always of exceptional quality, ethically sound and always transparent. And we’re committed to transparency, that’s why when you browse our products, you can always know where they were made, the people who made them and at what cost.

Arnsdorf is built upon respect. Respect for the women who wear our garments. Respect for the people who make the garments. Respect for the environment and sustainable practices. Respect for design, which ensures meaning and longevity in the lives and wardrobes of the women who wear our clothes. 

Quality is not just a slogan to us, but something that is well made, with precision, integrity and consideration. Our team of women take the time to create the perfect, long-lasting garment. This includes the choice of the highest quality and the most sustainable fibres, the weight of each fabric and the actual time taken to construct a piece of clothing that can survive beyond one season in every way. Why does it matter? We want you to build a long-term relationship with your clothes, not a short term fling.

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June 26, 2017

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