SwapChain Your Clothes. An exciting big step for the circular economy.

SwapChain Your Clothes. An exciting big step for the circular economy.

Swap the Arnsdorf pieces that you're not wearing for ones that you will.

You are invited to be part of the solution towards a circular economy and part of our next big step. To celebrate the Melbourne Fashion Festival we have teamed up with the Global Fashion Exchange to be the first retailer in Australia to launch SwapChain with a week long Arnsdorf fashion swap event in our Fitzroy boutique.

Do you have Arnsdorf pieces at home that you aren't wearing? Why not recycle them and swap them for something that you will wear?

SwapChain uses amazing technology that can track and trace your clothing item's supply chain and life. It also gives you data on how your clothing affects the planet with estimated water usage saved and carbon metrics. 

"We are really excited to be taking this next step in our circularity journey. We have wonderful loyal and dedicated customers and it is exciting to offer them this opportunity to give their Arnsdorf garments a new life in exchange for a different piece. We are honoured to be partnering with SwapChain to be the first to bring this technology and process to Australia." - Jade Sarita Arnott, Founder and Designer at Arnsdorf


How Does It Work?

1. Drop your past season Arnsdorf items to our Flagship Boutique in Fitzroy at 229 Brunswick St from the 25th of February to the 7th of March. All garments must be in a clean and undamaged condition.

2.  We will evaluate your pieces at HO and issue you SwapChain tokens depending on the original value of your garments -

up to $149 = 1 Token

$150 to $499 = 2 Tokens

$500 to $1000 = 3 Tokens

3. Visit our store from the 12th to the 20th of March and use your tokens to 'purchase/swap' item/s from our SwapChain section. It's a simple as that.

Thank you for joining us on our ethical, transparent and sustainable fashion journey. We will continue to push for change and find innovative ways and solutions to protect the planet.


Stay well from all of us at Arnsdorf X

March 01, 2021

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