Take a hot bath and pull on your (new) favourite white tee ☺️

Take a hot bath and pull on your (new) favourite white tee ☺️

Jerri wears the Logo Tee in White


Time for a fresh Tee?

Our brand new White tee features our Arnsdorf logo in Black which has been screen-printed in Collingwood with water based ink free from solvents and toxic chemicals.

It's crafted from a soft organic cotton jersey to a relaxed fit.  Consider it as a wardrobe staple for WFH or off-duty outfits.

Our new Logo Tee featured in In Style Australia


We make each piece in our Ethical Clothing Australia certified factory located in Melbourne. Each garment is sewn by one of our incredible machinists that have over 20 years industry experience. 


Formed by one of the founders of cult 90's band Minimum Chips Nicole Thibault, Melbourne band Thibault have debuted their first single titled Centrelink.  Nicole wrote the song post many visits to 'the dole office' and features the surprising sound of harpsichord!   

The band lineup includes Parsnip's Rebecca ListonThe Ocean Party's Lachlan Denton and Nicole's former Minimum Chips bandmate, Julian Patterson.

Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill said “Thibault is like if two of my favourite bands, Stereolab and Electrelane, merged together and were made brand new by Nicole’s originality."

The band  will be release their debut album Or Not Thibault in September on Chapter Musicand was produced by James Cecil, known for his work with The Goon Sax and Architecture in Helsinki

Listen here.


We've reached out to women in the Arnsdorf community to reveal their personal tips for staying healthy, sane and engaged during this interesting time...

Chloe wears the Classic Trench in Gingham


What is your name and and what do you do?

My name is Chloe Naughton and I am the Fashion Programmer for Fashion Melbourne Festival.

What is your connection to Arnsdorf? 

My connection with Arnsdorf dates back to my love of their designs in the first chapter and then begging for them to return, which luckily they did!  I am fortunate to work closely with the brand in a professional capacity as they showcase annually with us at Melbourne Fashion Festival

Chloe wears the Classic Trench in Gingham


What are you doing to stay active?

I'm really gentle with my approach to staying active.  I'm not one to push myself too hard at the gym (or at all). I don't own a car so I walk (or sometimes ride) everywhere and I've always felt this keeps my body moving enough naturally during the day.

One thing I'm always searching to make time for is to relax, unwind and calm my mind and in a way I consider that staying active.

Baths at home, saunas,  meditations I have recorded and I listen to daily and Ofuroya, the Japanese Bath House in Collingwood are how I do this. I don't go a week without being completely submerged into heat at least 2/3 times a week. For me there is no better feeling than when my muscles are grounded by the feeling of overwhelming heat all over my body. 

Are you reading a great book or do you have a favourite podcast? 

 I am half way through listening to Dark Emu on audio as i find it easier to get through a book by listening. And I'm slowly moving through JANE Magazine 07 which is such a beautiful publication. 

Since I was young I loved libraries and visiting bookshops. I still visit Readings on Lygon Streetwhenever I can and I'm one of these people who love to hold and smell the paper. However my book collection is largely beautiful coffee table books on fashion, photography or architecture. It has been a while since I purchased a coffee table book but two of my favourites at the moment are                     'Moments Preserved' by Irving Penn and 'Handbags' by Juergen Teller. 


I love the podcasts 'After Work Drinks' by Isabelle Truman & Grace O'Neill and 'Full Story' by The Guardian


Chloe wears the Blanca Blouse 

What about food. Are you cooking or are you addicted to a particular snack at the moment?

I'm cooking more than ever before but nothing too wild. I'm not naturally drawn to cooking or baking. Im still working from home as I am based in Victoria. Not having had the ability to grab something for lunch while I am out for the last few months, or not even having the option to go out for dinner and drinks with friends after work has really allowed me to get quite good at cooking some fast, fresh and healthy meals. I am never going to be that person who comes to a dinner party with an incredible dessert that took three hours (or three days) to make! I like simple, fresh and yum foods. A new habit that I will definitely be taking into the new normal, especially now that I have a few great go to recipes up my sleeve. 


Are you motivated to 'dress' for the day or are you repeating outfits? What are your go-to pieces?

I'm a huge outfit repeater. I have a high rotation rack and this is where all my favourite pieces end up. I'm either out the door so fast in the morning or (currently) jumping on a zoom call with the team first thing that I don't actually enjoy creating an entire new look everyday. My style is almost utilitarian. My favourite pieces currently include my boots or my loafers. A few really great trousers options or a classic denim pant, blazers (mostly boxy and oversized) or a few midi skirts, mixed in with either a thick and oversized shirt or a really high quality plain tee

Have you been pleasantly surprised by engaging in something you normally wouldn't?

Yes. Im currently enrolled in a 3 month embodiment course. The course guides you through learning about your own unconscious thoughts, feelings and reactions to any given thing, task or event, as well as getting you to face some parts of yourself that maybe you would rather avoid. I guess some may call it a kind of personal development. I had no prior intention to engage in such a course, however I am so thankful that I did. Its been a great insight into myself. 

What songs are you feeling right now?

I love sad, romantic and soppy slow music. These are a mix of my favourite songs to relax you on a cold Saturday morning while you're at home with a hot cup of tea. Or as i do, listen to it in the bath. 

Stay well from all of us at Arnsdorf X

July 03, 2020

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