Winner of the Sustainability Award at The National Designer Awards

Winner of the Sustainability Award at The National Designer Awards

We are extremely proud to receive the Sustainability Award as part of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festivals Designer Awards!

The accolade recognises Arnsdorf for excelling in areas of sustainable practices, ethical manufacture, use of recycled products and impact on workers.

Judged by a panel of industry professionals including Vogue Editor Edwina McCann, Eugenie Kelly, Editor of Harper’s BAZAAR and designer Bianca Spender, the National Designer Awards are the most prestigious awards in Australian fashion. The award ceremony took place in Melbourne and featured six finalists, including Arnsdorf as well as menswear designer Christian Kimber who received the overall award. This is the first year that the Sustainability Award has been presented, in partnership with retailer David Jones.

“This means so much to Arnsdorf — the women in our team, our machinists and everyone working tirelessly in our stores to tell the story of why sustainable fashion should be the only approach to fashion as both creators and consumers,” says Arnsdorf founder Jade Sarita Arnott.

“We are extremely grateful to the festival team for creating such a great platform for sustainable fashion and for recognising the role that Arnsdorf is playing in leading the conversation across Australia”.

VAMFF Festival Director Graeme Lewsey says Arnsdorf’s tenacity and truth should be explored and followed by others in the industry. “Having a belief system is key to a sustainable business and is now proving to be very important to fashion-loving generations rising in the ranks of the fashion food-chain with strong purchasing power and decision making,” say Mr Lewsey.

“[Arnsdorf’s] honesty and evidence of a well thought out plan to not only create sustainable and ethical outputs, also a plan that matches strong morals and brand DNA that wants to create for better.”

March 01, 2019

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