B Corp Certified!

B Corp Certified!

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded full B Corp certification after completing a rigorous 12 month audit process! Holding this certification demonstrates that we operate in a way that is proven to balance profit with purpose, benefiting our workers, communities, environment and our customers. 

This certification makes us one of the few womenswear brands in Australia to hold the B Corp status and the first to have hosted runway events at Sydney and Melbourne fashion weeks.

Our creative director, Jade Sarita Arnott says that this B Corp certification shows that sustainable fashion is both possible and viable for other brands in Australia.

“It was an extensive process and over the year we learnt a lot about our own practices and how to place transparency and social good in the centre of our processes and thinking,” says Arnott.

“I believe that B Corporations provide a level of comfort for those customers who are seeking out brands that not only talk about sustainability and purpose, but fundamentally practice it. By being a label that has shown at Australian fashion weeks and holds this certification, we hope to lead the way for other brands, large and small, to review and change their practices.”

In March this year, we were awarded the National Designer Award for Sustainability from the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival. We were the first fashion brand in Australia to open up transparent pricing online for all of our products.

Anna Crabb, General Manager of B Lab Australia & New Zealand, the body that oversees the process internationally, says that Arnsdorf is setting the standard for Australian fashion.

“As a recognised leader of sustainable fashion Arnsdorf is setting the standard in fashion for critical environmental practices like toxin reduction and remediation,” says Ms. Crabb. “Arnsdorf is a perfect fit for the B Corp community of businesses that meet rigorous, third-party-verified social and environmental standards to balance profit and purpose.”

There are currently 2,785 Certified B Corporations in 64 countries across 151 industries. Australia is the fastest growing country per capita for B Corps with 235 companies currently certified. Arnsdorf joins only a handful of other clothing and footwear brands in Australia — including Outland Denim, Good Day Girl, All the Wild Roses and Etiko — to have undergone and pass the rigorous certification process.

“Gone are the days when choosing ethical fashion meant sacrificing either style, or your month’s rent, or both,” says Ms. Crabb.

“B Corps are finding ways to create beautiful, high-quality, affordable products without compromising supply-chain ethics or wreaking havoc on the environment.”

You can find out more about B Corporations by visiting their website

May 07, 2019

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