I Wanna Live Like Common People

I Wanna Live Like Common People



Jarvis Cocker. Britpop dream boat. Most of us would know him from the band Pulp. Their song Common People an anthem at many 21st and possibly now 50th Birthday parties around the world.

 In recent years Jarvis has hosted a string of music shows on BBC Radio, popular not only due to his playlist and guests but his incredible wit. He is hilarious. 

At the end of 2019 Jarvis re-released one of his solo tracks "Still Running the World"which shot to No 2 on the British charts due to it's political commentary. 

Now, Jarvis can read you to sleep. Mmmmmm. He has released two stories so far - Times Square in Montana by Richard Brautigan and The Spring Tune by Tove Jansson. Jarvis is releasing these audios regularly via his instagram #jarvisbransoncocker

Woman of the moment always, Dolly Parton is also treating us with some children's bedtime stories via her incredible book charity called Imagination Library. The library raises millions of dollars each year to give a book a month to just over 1.5 million children. The library has also been established in Australia.

Dolly is reading a story once a week for 10 weeks live via the library website, tucked up in bed in her cute PJ's!   You can also watch them back here.





Lissome Magazine AWAKENING is Back in Stock!

No. 1 - Bee Cover

 No. 2 - Earth Procession Cover

We have just received another delivery of the debut print issue Awakening by Lissome Magazine from Berlin.

Founded on-line in 2016 "as a platform envisioning a mindful future of fashion" by DörteDe Jesus (or DJ) who has over 10 years experience as an Art Director and Designer in print and digital media.

Self funded and run by all women and mostly volunteers, the magazine is very lifestyle-forward addressing topical issues including the future of fashion.

We have a limited number of both covers in stock!



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Tell Us Your WHF Secrets;)

The Arnsdorf Team reveal their personal tips on how to work from home in style and comfort while staying healthy, sane and engaged.

Gemma Cahill - Production Manager

Gemma wears the Martha Dress in Ivory

What are you doing to stay active?

I’ve been going for a daily walk... always a new route and always residential streets (I love sneaking a peak at different houses and gardens!) The dahlia’s at the moment are insane!

I also did Blogilates and was sore for 3 days. Not yet been back...

Are you reading a great book or do you have a favourite podcast?

I’ve been struggling a little to get into my reading. I’m half way through ‘See What You Made Me Do’ by Jess Hill but it’s a little heavy so I’m taking it slow. I’m finding short things from Man Repeller or BOF articles much more satisfying. Also the news of a morning.

Podcasts yes yes yes! I’ve been re-listening to my favs from Dumbo Feather - especially the interviews with Rhea Dempsey, Hugh Mackay and Paul Hawkin. Then rotating between This American Life, How I Built This and BOF

What about food. Are you cooking or are you addicted to a particular snack at the moment?

Perfecting a poached egg, vegetarian curries and my vegan date caramel slice. My housemates and I have also been having a Sunday roast together 🥰

Are you motivated to 'dress' for the day or are you repeating outfits? What are your go-to pieces?

I am consciously dressing for versatility and comfort. My days are often filled with spontaneous walks, gardening, cooking and cleaning so I’m choosing clothes that can adapt to all those tasks. Lots of knits. My Merino Skivvy  and Sadie Top have been in high rotation.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by engaging in something you normally wouldn't?

I’ve picked up my knitting needles again which I haven’t done since university, and am really enjoying it! Current project is a baby blanket for my soon to be niece. I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying my daily walks and will try to implement this into my routine post corona. Lastly, smiling and saying hi 👋 to strangers on the street. You’ll never regret saying howdly doodly! 


Stay well, from all of us at Arnsdorf X


April 28, 2020

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