Full Price Friday

Full Price Friday

As part of our commitment to a new and long lasting way of consuming fashion and clothing, Arnsdorf has not gone on sale since relaunching in 2017. This Black Friday we wanted to elaborate more on this so you have a better understanding why. 

We want to encourage conscious consuming rather than impulse buying.

Our pieces are made for longevity not just one season. We envision your wardrobe consisting of both our core range and limited edition pieces.

Each piece is carefully made in our in-house factory where we offer tailoring and alteration services so that we can achieve a perfect fit for each individual body.

We produce consciously, preferring to produce small top ups when demand requires, so we avoid needing to clear at a discounted price.

Each Arnsdorf piece retains its value as part of our commitment to a new and long lasting way of consumption.

We offer free repairs throughout the lifetime of each Arnsdorf piece. With a focus on natural and organic fabrics, meaning pieces are biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle.

To honour the people that make our clothes. 

Throughout this year we have made a big impact on women’s lives throughout developing countries. Arnsdorf has committed to donating 2% of our revenue to actively fund women in the developing world to gain new skills and empower them to start their own businesses. This is something that is ongoing everyday not just one Friday a year. 

We thank you for all of your ongoing support and feel very grateful to be part of this movement together in making positive changes within the fashion industry.

November 23, 2018

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