Not Just For Hippies

Not Just For Hippies

Hemp is an obvious choice for Arnsdorf due to the low environmental impact it has throughout the cultivation process. We use hemp across a range of different styles including our Margot SkirtMira Trousers and Sigrid Dress. We'll be introducing a variety of hemp blends over the coming months with some of our core pieces being updated with a hemp, cotton and spandex blend. It provides a good weight that holds shape and also has that bit of stretch for comfort. 

"More and more innovative fabrics seem to be popping up and we're always on the hunt for more sustainable materials, so for the next collection I'm excited to incorporate a silk hemp blend which combines the strength of hemp and luxury handle of silk," founder and designer, Jade Sarita Arnott.

There is a lot of stigma and confusion surrounding hemp so we wanted to delve deeper into what it is and why we love using it at Arnsdorf.

First things first, hemp and marijuana are not the same. They are both varieties of cannabis sativa but they are completely different in terms of their function, cultivation and application.

The crops are disease and pest resistant and therefore do not require pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, yet the soil is renewed with each growth cycle. Hemp crops require around half the amount of water that cotton does and the growing nature of the plant is similar to weeds, growing fast and requiring little care.

Hemp fibres are the longest, most durable fibres of any natural fabric and they are 25 times more durable than cotton. Nothing is wasted throughout the production of hemp; seeds are used to make oil, the stalks are used for fabric fibres, while the woody core has fire retardant and insulating properties that's used in the construction industry. Hemp crops just keep on giving and absorb more carbon dioxide than trees.

Hemp breathes incredibly well and is naturally thermo-regulating so it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The fibres are naturally resistant to moths, mould, mildew and bacteria so you don’t need to wash your pieces as often. The fabric is also hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Hemp garments gets progressively softer with wear and the fibres do not break down as quickly as other fabrics.

Image source: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

January 18, 2019

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