Our Open Letter of Thanks

Our Open Letter of Thanks

In the last days and hours of 2018, we’ve been reflecting on the year that was and we are now excitedly anticipating the new year.

It's been a huge year for Arnsdorf, opening our second boutique and multiple pop-up stores/showrooms, receiving accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia, participating in runway shows for MFW and VAMFF and moving to a larger studio/factory. We’ve welcomed new members to the Arnsdorf family and cemented relationships and grown closer with every member working within the factory and retail stores.

We are joined together by our shared vision to empower the women who wear our clothes and also every person in our transparent supply chain. We believe in this sublime and transformative quality that can exist in both fashion and design. We love and respect nature and the environment and we respect and value the people who make our clothes. Our mission is to exist in unison with all of these elements.

We’re so grateful for your ongoing support throughout this movement of making positive change within the fashion industry. It's through your support and feedback that we have been able to achieve everything that we have and we are very excited for the strides 2019 will bring. We love being connected to you on this journey thank you for being a part of it.

Wishing you all a wonderful break and New Year!


December 31, 2018

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