Arnsdorf's Personal Styling at Collins Square

Arnsdorf's Personal Styling at Collins Square

Arnsdorf’s personal stylists will be offering one on one styling sessions at Collins Square to work with you to create a work wardrobe that complements your daily routine and suits your personal style and body. BOOK NOW.

July 04, 2018
Fashioning the Future: Fashion and Sustainability Panel

Fashioning the Future: Fashion and Sustainability Panel

Presented by Arnsdorf, this panel explores the need for a transparent approach to fashion design, retail and manufacturing. 
May 08, 2018
A letter from our designer, Jade Sarita Arnott.

A letter from our designer, Jade Sarita Arnott.

To our community of women,

The Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, which claimed 1,138 lives and injured 2500 more due to unsafe working conditions had a big impact on me personally. It happened 5 years ago today when I was living in New York and still during my time away from the industry. The devastation of the tragedy and enormity of it sent shockwaves across the globe. It was at that moment I decided if I was ever to be part of the industry I had walked away from it would mean I would need to have full transparency and control over the working conditions of the people involved in making my designs. From this realisation came the foundations of what would be the relaunch of Arnsdorf, in which we decided we would not outsource our ethics, but instead bring the manufacturing process in-house. We decided not only to show you ‘who made your clothes’ during Fashion Revolution week (which is such an incredible initiative that we are proud to be a part of) but to always provide you with this information for each and every garment we make. We also decided to provide you with full transparency of the labor and material costs for each garment as well as the entire supply chain, including where our materials are sourced from. A year ago we were working on the samples for the first release collection. The team consisted of myself and Gemma Cahill, who I employed 2 days a week to sew the samples in our tiny garage studio in Keele St, Collingwood. We had one industrial straight stitch, a cover stitch machine, buttonhole machine and overlocker machine. I did all the cutting by hand while Gemma sewed the pieces together as we listened to endless podcasts. One year on Gemma and I both work 5 days a week in the factory which is now 4 times the size and in Easey Street, Collingwood. Gemma is now our Production Manager and we are joined by our fellow team of machinists Annie, Thi and Thi Ca and will soon include an in-house cutter. We now have 4 straight stitch machines and a keyhole button machine and an industrial sized cutting table and electric cutter.

Although we have grown considerably in the last year we remain a tight knit team. We enjoy each other's company and share knowledge on a professional level, as well as snippets of our personal lives. I feel so honoured and grateful to know and work alongside these incredible women daily. Together we are part of this fashion revolution that is beginning throughout the world. We are at a turning point in history, where each of us individually as well as collectively are deciding what type of world we want to live in. Is a $5 t-shirt more important than the safety of the lives of those who are working to produce it? In Bangladesh garment workers are paid as little as 43 cents an hour for 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week. In our factory in Melbourne, our machinists receive above the award and the same wages as other skilled workers in Australia. I want to thank you for all of your support over this last year of our relaunch. It is because of your ongoing support that we can provide our workers with a safe and happy environment in which they are respected and appreciated while doing meaningful work. They are part of the bigger vision of transforming this industry and preserving the craftsmanship and skills of this art. Thank you for valuing the quality and care in which we create each one of your products. We are in the final stages of our Ethical Textiles Clothing Australia certification, and look forward to what the next year holds.


Jade Sarita Arnott

Arnsdorf founder and designer

April 27, 2018


We're excited to announce that our new denim collection has arrived, and it's our best fitting and most environmentally friendly range yet!

We've taken our time to re-launch Arnsdorf Denim, which has been well loved for its classic styles, flattering fits and colours, and high quality.  

This season we have developed our own low-impact, high quality denim fabric. Combining traditional techniques with modern technology, we created our 100% cotton denim fabric with a mill in Pakistan, whose production focusses on reduced water use and energy consumption. Our indigo and blue styles use organic cotton with a chemical-free natural indigo pigment, and our chalk styles are made from a low impact Japanese denim. We don't add stretch to our denim, which means that the weighty fabric will mould to your body as you wear it, and won't lose its shape or tear easily. These are jeans to live in, and will last many years. 

To find our best ever fit, we have sampled and re-sampled, and have produced a small collection of jeans, skirts, dresses and jackets. These have all been produced in a woman-run Melbourne factory, in very limited quantities. 

We offer free hemming, which you can organise in store or contact us at

Shop Denim Here

March 23, 2018
Arnsdorf at VAMFF

Arnsdorf at VAMFF

We're excited to be taking part in the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. We're presenting an entirely new collection and speaking at a range of sessions about Arnsdorf and the work we are doing in fashion, technology and sustainability.

Hear our designer, Jade Sarita Arnott as she joins  the GFX Sustainability Panel at The Fashion Start-Up Lounge on March 1. She'll be discussing how Arnsdorf is innovating in technology and sustainability. Book your tickets here

We're presenting our new collection on March 6 at the Elle Australia Runway. 
To be among the first to see what's coming next, purchase your tickets here

On Tuesday, March 6, we'll also be a part of the International Designer Showcase. Click here for tickets and more information.

Our head of production, Gemma Cahill will be talking sustainable manufacturing and design in the Sustainability in Design panel on March 8. Gemma will be in conversation with Vanessa Katsanevakis from Sussex Taps, Ross Gardam and Holly Ryan. Find more information and tickets here.

We will also be taking part in You Can't Do That, an exhibition at Melbourne Museum showcasing rule-benders and breakers in Australian fashion. Click here for more information. 
February 22, 2018
Behind the Seams

Behind the Seams

Take a look behind the scenes at Arnsdorf's transparent business model.
February 21, 2018
We're Open!

We're Open!

Last week we held the official store launch for Arnsdorf's first boutique. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and supporters for making our store opening a success! We had a great time sharing a glass of sparkling wine with you all, talking shop and catching up with old and new friends alike. We feel so honoured to have such a down to earth, caring and stylish community to share our vision with. We're consistently amazed by how many of you care about making a difference in the fashion world, and are excited to have a place to meet, fit and style you, and to show you just how good our clothes are in person!

If you would like to see the store, come down to 229 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. We're open every day!

x All of the women at Arnsdorf

Photos by Cinelixir



February 14, 2018
Arnsdorf's new retail store is opening in Fitzroy!

Arnsdorf's new retail store is opening in Fitzroy!

We are proud to announce the launch of Arnsdorf's first physical boutique, at 229 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy taking place at 6PM on Thursday 8th of February, 2018.  Reserve your place at the launch by BOOKING HERE.
January 24, 2018
Melbourne Fashion Week Garage Runway

Melbourne Fashion Week Garage Runway

Arnsdorf is excited to be part of this year's Melbourne Fashion Week Garage Runway. We'll be presenting Arnsdorf's re-launch collection as well as our latest release alongside our friends Dress-Up, Kalaurie, Kloke, Louis Hazel, Pageant and Verner

The event is available to the public and you can book tickets at the Melbourne Fashion Week website.

In addition we will be accepting bookings for appointments to view and try on the collection in person. You can REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT but places are strictly limited.

You can browse some of the items that will be featured as part of the show by FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

July 19, 2017
Reborn: the story behind the relaunch of Arnsdorf

Reborn: the story behind the relaunch of Arnsdorf

As an Australian and New York-based brand we had been operating through the traditional fashion lifecycle and although our love for clothing and design remained true, we felt a growing sense of uneasiness around the way the fashion industry was set up.
June 26, 2017